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Expats in Vienna

People have several reasons to come to Vienna: a new job, a new love, or to get to know this beautiful

city better. However, it is often difficult to connect and build a network.

How can I support you in this?

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help your integration process to be faster and smoother.

I can assist you with:

Understanding the culture:

While it is not easy to provide a practical guide on how to understand the special Viennese sense of humor and how the Viennese relate to each other, I can guide you through some basic rules that may be helpful to explore the culture, manners, and customs.

Getting to know Vienna and exploring what it has to offer:

As a native Viennese, I know exactly which places make this wonderful city something very special. I know the perfect location for every occasion and the best places to go for newcomers. For every challenge and every wish for the city, I have a tip ready.

Mandana Magharai für Expats in Wien

Strengthening your private and professional network:

There is nothing more exciting, freshly arrived in a new city, than meeting new and inspiring people. The guidance I offer to ensure you expand your network of contacts can provide new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

What can you expect from the Vienna Coaching?

  • Understand the Viennese culture and traditions more quickly

  • Create or find a network more quickly

  • Know where to go for special occasions like dinner, dancing, museums –

  • A 360 degree coaching for Vienna based on your personality, interests and needs

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